How A Dimensional Inspection Lab Can Assist With Part Manufacturing

How A Dimensional Inspection Lab Can Assist With Part Manufacturing

How A Dimensional Inspection Lab Can Assist With Part Manufacturing

28 July 2021
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There are a lot of technical parts made through manufacturing, from computer equipment to aerospace parts. If you manufacture important parts for a living, it's highly recommended to have your parts studied by a dimensional inspection lab. These inspection companies are capable of providing many key services.

Reverse Engineering

If you've already manufactured parts for a long time, it still doesn't hurt to work with a dimensional inspection lab. They offer reverse engineering – a process that can reveal potential flaws in your parts' designs and overall makeup.

They'll break down parts into smaller components to get a better sense of their individual roles. At this time, vulnerabilities and defects may be identified and you can address them based on the reverse engineering results supplied. Your proof of concepts on certain parts may also be verified because no major defects are found via reverse engineering. You can then manufacture as planned. 

Dimension Accuracy Assessments

You may want your manufactured parts being certain dimensions, but there are also cases when certain dimensions must be met based on federal regulations. If you make parts that fall in this category – such as parts used in the medical industry – then you want to make sure your dimensions aren't off.

A dimensional inspect lab can perform dimension accuracy assessments before you make a lot of parts and send them out to clients. If there are any inconsistencies between your part dimensions and dimensions that federal agencies expect you to meet, the lab will show these results before it's too late.

Repeatability Inspection

If your part manufacturing business is trying to make the exact same products every time, then having repeatable results is important. You don't want to deviate because that will cost you money and potentially hurt your reputation with clients expecting a part to be a certain size or shape.

You can work with a dimensional inspection lab to inspect the repeatability of your manufacturing operations and equipment. You'll send over multiple parts from manufacturing to have their repeatability assessed. Dimensional inspection labs rely on innovative tools like vision systems and 3D scanners that can show any inconstancies if present. Then you can adjust manufacturing until there is consistency.

If you are producing any product through manufacturing, then you need to make sure you comply with the right dimensions. You'll be able to make the proper assessments when you send your parts off to a dimensional inspection inspection lab where the parts will undergo thorough and proven testing using advanced equipment. 

For more information, contact a Dimensional Inspection Lab near you.

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