3 Useful Tips for Renting a Vacuum Dehydrator for Oil Systems

3 Useful Tips for Renting a Vacuum Dehydrator for Oil Systems

3 Useful Tips for Renting a Vacuum Dehydrator for Oil Systems

29 April 2020
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If you have an oil system where water is considered a containment, then you'll probably need to rent out a vacuum dehydrator. It's a specialized machine that helps remove sources of water for optimal operation for a particular system. Renting one of these machines out will be a smooth process thanks to these tips. 

Look for Mobile Design

Since vacuum dehydrators are so large and weigh a lot, it's important to get one with a mobile design. You then won't have to struggle getting this machine to a particular area around your work site. Most dehydrators with a mobile design have wheels on the bottom.

Swivel casters, in particular, are ideal because they enable you to move the dehydrator in any direction. You'll also be able to glide the dehydrator around tight corners without having to worry about causing a bunch of damage to surrounding structures. 

Choose an Optimal Size

Vacuum dehydrators come in a lot of different sizes. However, not all of them will be ideal for your work environment. As such, you need to spend time assessing where this dehydrator will be going around your work site. After finding an ideal spot, you'll want to take measurements of a perimeter. 

Also account for how much vertical space is available. Then with these measurements, you should have a better idea of what dehydrator size will work for the available space. Also, take into account the width and height of the door that this dehydrator will be moving through. These precautions will help you avoid setup issues with ease.

Purchase Insurance

It's important to note that vacuum dehydrators are pretty expensive machines. You thus want some protection while this rental unit is in your possession because if you don't, you could pay a lot of money if damage accidentally happens.

Most rental providers will offer insurance with whatever vacuum dehydrator you rent. Just make sure the insurance covers the full value of this vacuum dehydrator, even if that means paying extra fees. You'll then be completely protected should anything happen to this dehydrator.

Vacuum dehydrators are pivotal machines for systems that involve oil and warrant a water-free solution. Instead of buying one outright, though, you can just rent one out. This rental can work out in your favor too so long as you know what precautions to take, such as getting a unit with the right features and securing insurance. If you have further questions, reach out to vacuum dehydrator rental services. 

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